An Honest Opinion about Essential Oils


Hey friends! As you all know, I’m a huge fan of essential oils. Not only are they so fun, but they also have many health benefits & uses. With that being said, I wanted to provide in depth details about why I use them, my thoughts on them, and things I make sure to keep in mind when using them for health & safety. Here is what I want to say first: I believe in essential oils, but I do not believe they are a cure. I believe they help manage symptoms, provide relief, aid in recovery, aid in healing processes, and are fun to use, but they are not a doctor. In no possible way am I a “health expert” or “essential oils expert”, but the knowledge I have of essential oils, is from health experts and benefits I have gained from using them in my own experience. So let’s get to it!

  1. This is Important

    The most important piece of advice I can give someone who is looking into using essential oils, is that you MUST/HAVE TO only buy 100% pure grade essential oils if you are using them for anything other than diffusing. If you’re only using an oil for the sole purpose of providing your home/space with a wonderful smell, then buying any oil that may or may not be pure is not that big of a deal. (IMO, I still diffuse pure oils for a scent because of the health benefits that come from breathing them in, but it’s really not crucial.) So what other uses do essential oils provide other than diffusing? So oils can be used for so many other purposes. Some can be diluted in water, applied to skin, used for household cleaning, and to inhale for mind-health. If you are going to use oils for any of these purposes, in my opinion they must be 100% pure oils, especially if you are going to ingest them in any way (i.e. through water, through skin, through breathing, etc.). So how will I know if an oil is pure? So for instance, if you purchase a Lemon Oil and it claims to only be a single oil (not a blend of oils), the ingredient should say “Lemon Peel” or “Citrus Limon” under the ingredients and nothing else. The bottom line, is that if the name of the bottle matches what is in the ingredients label and contains no other ingredients, then it’s a pure oil and means it was derived strictly from the source. I do recommend finding a guide on the oils. If there is a company that you’ve researched on that you feel is right for you to purchase oils from, they should provide you with guides/PDF/books on how to use them. These educational resources will tell you how to use each oil, and the benefits of each one. Like I said before, I am not a health or essential oil expert, I just have information from the guides and education that doTERRA has provided me with. I also want you to know that even if an oil is 100% pure, is does not mean it can be diluted in water or placed in a capsule to swallow. If there is an oil that is not ingestible in this way, it will tell you. That’s why I highly recommend purchasing or downloading any kind of guide or educational tool so that you don’t have to memorize which ones are and which ones aren’t. Some examples of oils that are not made for internal use would be Cedarwood, Douglas Fir, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavendar, etc. An easy way I have learned whether an oil is made for internal use or not, (although if I am not 100% sure, then I make sure to do my research) is that if you think about what it’s derived from, is that something that we as humans consume? We don’t eat Cedarwood or Cypress trees… that would be weird, lol. But oils that come from fuits, herbs, and vegetables we do, so most of the time we can use them for internal use. (This still does not apply for all oils though. If I am ever slightly hesitant about which oils I can ingest, I always research because not all oils can be used for that even if it is derived from something we consume. i.e. Oregano cannot be used for internal use even though we consume that herb.) I hope I’m not making anything super confusing; essential oils do require a lot of research for safe use, so definitely aside from anything I say about them, please research at all times.

  2. Why/How I use Essential Oils

    I use essential oils for many reasons. There are oils that are my favorite to drop in a glass of water for mental clarity, detox, or energy. Some oils I like to use for sleep and these can be applied on bottoms of feet, under nose, and on muscles. One of my favorite oils I use for acid reflux/stomach issues, I place in my belly button and it is so soothing! (I know, that sounds weird, but it works!) On that note, my belief on oils is that they definitely help provide relief to pain, improve symptoms, aid in recovery, and help with energy and sleep. As far as chronic illnesses and diseases, I don’t believe they are magic and cure the world. Go to a doctor! I also like to use them for beauty purposes such as treating blemishes, hair growth, skin improvements, etc. This is probably my favorite way to use oils because a lot of the oils have the same purposes that some impure beauty products have! Another way I like to use oils is for household purposes like cleaning and laundry. There are a lot of recipes out there that you can swap your harmful cleaning supplies for, and use a home remedy instead!

  3. How I Purchase Essential Oils

    So there are many companies out there that provide us with pure grade essential oils, such as doTERRA, Young Living, Plant Therapy, NOW Solutions, and more. I personally shop from doTERRA and I am also a Wellness Advocate Member for them. I use their oils because I know they are 100% Pure, Organic, oils and, they are a company that also sells other products containing these oils, like supplements, skin care, personal care, etc.. DoTERRA is mainly my favorite because of the memberships, offers, and wholesale values they have. As a wellness advocate & wholesale customer, the first year I signed up I paid $25 and got a free bottle of peppermint oil and endless wholesale prices on all products. Every year, the membership fee goes down and you get more gifts & surprises for being a loyal customer. I also have the opportunity to earn points and use them as credits towards any purchases! Any of these companies are great to shop from and i’ve heard so many wonderful things about all of them! I just encourage you to do your research and find the one that is the best fit for you. If you feel like doTERRA is right for you and you want to receive wholesale prices & benefits, you can sign up ( here ).


4. My Favorite Educational Resources about Essential Oils

The Essential Life book is by far my favorite educational tool for essential oils that is not brand specific! It included an ailments A-Z section, Beginner’s Guide to oils, Information on Single oils, Oil Blends, and Supplementary products, Body Systems and Focus Areas, Natural Living Recipes, and Supplemental Information! You can shop the book below:

P.s. If this post has been just completely confusing, then please purchase this book because it is so clear and organized on all the information about essential oils! Lol. Oils are complex if you can’t tell!