Year No. 2


Today marks our wedding anniversary for 2 years, and I have just have to say, it has been nothing short of fun! There are so many wonderful things about being married to someone like Nathan. He makes everyday so interesting. Since the day we started dating, he’s always said “my number one goal every single day is to make you smile,” and he easily succeeds that. One of my favorite things about him is his humor and embellishment to everything he does. He’s never going to just walk to the kitchen to get something to drink. On the way there, he’s going to slip on something, or sing something crazy, because of his “life of the party”  and care-free attitude that I adore so much. He’s never going to just walk down the stairs; he’s going to hop or slide down them. He’s also the clumsiest person I've ever met, and he knows that I love it! He always says, “Hey, anything to make you laugh; even at the cost of my own humiliation!” I love this man. I wanted to share a few of these goofy and some sweet tidbits from Year Number Two.

  1. When you were looking for me in Barnes & Noble, and you called from across the store and asked, “Hey, are you over by the books?”

  2. “Hey Nathan, help me unload these groceries,” actually translates to: “let’s speed throw these bags of frozen vegetables across the kitchen and see how fast she can not catch them!”

  3. The most effective alarm clock for me is your cover of “Old Town Road” because you know that song energizes me with rage!

  4. When you blow dry my hair for me because you know it calms my anxiety.

  5. Doing what we do best: When everything around us comes to a halt, it’s the best time to dance in the kitchen.

  6. Filling me with only positive and encouraging words when self destruction kicks in with the goals of pointing me to Jesus every time.

  7. “Hey Nathan, do you have a bandaid?” is the joke of the year. He’s an athletic trainer so you can imagine the look on his face when I asked this question knowing he has a kit full of bandages, tape, and even an AED in the trunk of his car.

  8. On that note, having a medical professional for a spouse during the time for wisdom teeth surgery is very nice. You can imagine the strict schedule of meds and ice he had me on.

  9. “Bunny Hopping” through the isle at the grocery store only because it embarrasses me.

  10. This year we watched Friends all the way through officially for the second time.

  11. Camping at home during Hurricane Michael. Grilling green beans in a can on the grill. Dying to get ahold of some coffee.

  12. Having Christmas decorations up from November the 1st to New Years Day. AKA “Christmas in our first home” taken overboard!

  13. Helping surprise me with a party at the Mexican restaurant with all of those dearest to me for my last day at TOC.

  14. To kick off the first day of Year 2, we spent the night at Hotel Duval in Tallahassee, just to have a fancy night away from our fur kids. (Man are we in for it when the real kids come along). We went and saw Incredibles 2 while I battled the stomach virus. Woke up to HGTV & breakfast in bed and it was perfect! Hands down, one of our best vacations yet, lol.

  15. Nathan falling through a dry-rotted camping chair while we tried to have a date around the fire in the backyard. Funniest thing I've ever seen.

  16. Valentine’s Day: Worst work day of the year where I spent the 45 minute drive home crying my eyes out, only to come home to roses, chocolate chip cookie cake, and a movie date.

  17. When I asked Nathan to give me something remarkable from the last year: “Well another year has passed and we’ve yet to trade Sweetums in for a McChicken.”

So that just about highlights some of my favorite memories from being married to this goofball for another year. Happy Anniversary Nathan!