The Importance of Minimal Decorating


I wanted to write a little bit on the subject of minimalism and how it’s important when decorating our homes. I don’t know about you, but I get so excited about all of the cute little accessories (vases, frames, figurines, mirrors, florals, etc.) when I walk into places like Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Home Goods, etc. They are so pretty and I get so inspired by each and every little piece that it makes me want to get them all! The only problem with that, is that it’s usually the first step to clutter and stress. I just recently read a book that I fell in love with that really opened my eyes to minimal decorating: “Cozy Minimalist Home, More Style Less Stuff” by Myquillyn Smith.

I used to have the mindset of “it’ll make me happy to come home from work and see all of these pretty things set up around the house and that will make me feel at home.” WRONG! I was wondering why I was so stressed out all the time trying to clean everything on the weekends, and being so unhappy with all of the furniture that didn’t go together or the wall color I never got around to painting because I was too busy buying “stuff”. The wall color that came with the house was called “antique white” which was this yellowish off white color. It wasn’t an ugly color, but I've never been drawn to warm tones and the yellow in it was actually very stimulating and made it hard for us to unwind after a long day. It wasn’t until after I finally painted the walls a greige color, that everything felt so peaceful when you walked in. From all the little accessories I bought over the last two years, I could have purchased a set of living room furniture that actually goes together.

Coming home from work everyday and seeing piles and stacks of accessories on shelves, furniture, counters, and just about every surface in the house, actually drove me crazy to look at. Not only was it hard to keep up and keep clean, but it wasn’t relaxing or appealing. It just reminded me of other cluttered spaces I didn’t have time to take care of in the house. On top of that, when socks and dishes and other messes are laying around in close proximity to the “pretty piles of decor”, the whole room looks like a complete busy mess. I discovered this wonderful gem of a book that has helped me out so much when it comes to minimally decorating and making every space a sanctuary to come home to.

  • “I want to have just enough furniture and beauty in my home to serve my people and to get the style I’m after without overwhelming myself with stuff I have to take care of as a part-time job” (from Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquill Smith).

  • “I like pretty things, but not so much that they’re allowed to make my life more complicated…… I wanted, no, I needed, more style with less stuff, and along the way I realized less stuff gave way to more life” (from Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquill Smith).

WOW!! There goes the light bulb! That’s genius!

I really had no idea that all of that really made things more stressful than what they had to be. Our home should be the sanctuary and safe haven to come running to in the hard times, and a place where years and years of memories are made… not griping over having to dust all the accessories, and being in a bad mood because a bunch of money was spent on things that have no sentimental value, or require a lot of upkeep. After reading this book, I began to look at every little set up in the room. In the living room, I looked at the TV stand differently. I had a picture of us, a tall vase, a small vase, two letter “D’s”, all the TV equipment, two candles, and three wooden signs layering behind all of it. I took every bit of it off, and only kept a few items with the most value: the picture of us, ONE letter D, and ONE tall vase. I threw some furniture polish on that bad boy and BAM! a whole new, cozy and relaxing space that just made me say “ahhh….” as I looked over it. Now, that’s decorating!