Monthly Goals for June 2019


So I made a post similar to this one for the month of April, but I love to make a list of goals about every other month and share them with y’all! I feel like it’s a great way to hold myself accountable to get to my bigger dreams and goals, and also a great tool for self reflection. Sometimes I may not meet a goal that’s on the list and that’s okay because these are small, very tiny goals that don’t have a huge detrimental impact on my life. I’ll just aim to reach it for the following month! When I do reach those small goals, I celebrate big because I do believe they lead to the big, long term dreams. So here is my monthly goals for June 2019.

Monthly Goals: June 2019

  1. Create a monthly cleaning schedule. I really want to use the month of June to create a cleaning schedule for my home, so I can stay on track with everything else! I’d love to wake up and know exactly what needs to be done for the day, so that I can focus on my to-do list for this website. I’m hoping to track all of those daily chores, along with how often I take care of the deep cleaning, and look back on the month to formulate a cleaning schedule to refer to the following month of July. Then hopefully I can make a post about it to share with y’all!

  2. Use MyFitnessPal App to track nutrition. I’ve used this app before but when I have I've only had a daily streak of about 3! I want to diary my food intake every single day to make sure i’m getting all the vitamins & nutrients that the DV recommends!

  3. Be able to do 10 GOOD pushups. This one is a little dramatic, but to be honest I actually struggle big time with “girl” pushups, lol. So I really want to be able to do REAL pushups.

  4. Create a content schedule & schedule posts ahead of time.

  5. Create 3 Practice E-Designs & physical concept boards that are not for my home.

  6. Start a gratitude journal. How hard can it be to write down just 5 things i’m grateful for when I sit down for bible study in the morning?

  7. Run 2-Miles. This Florida heat might affect this, haha.

  8. Daily afternoon walks with Nathan. This is my favorite time to catch up with him! And i’m super talkative when he comes home and it drives him crazy! lol

  9. Update household budget from May transactions.

  10. Start a 30-Day Yoga/Stretching routine.