Monthly Goals: April 2019

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Hey hey! I wanted to share with you today a list of all of my goals that are currently on my mind for April! I love doing monthly goals, because I love the timeframe for accomplishing small goals, or making the steps to work towards the big, long term ones. Let’s face it, New Year’s Resolutions can feel really unrealistic to me! I made this list to hopefully provide you with the inspiration to make those small goals and the importance of them! I would like to post these every month because I feel they’re a great way for me to reflect on the current season I am in life.


  1. Manage stress and create a weekly self care routine. Lately I've noticed that I get really overwhelmed easily because I am under so much stress right now, but I want to start making a point in taking care of myself or doing a few things a day that I enjoy/something my body will appreciate later. It’s scary what stress does to your body and how it can make you feel so yuck!

  2. Break my “snooze” habit. I’d like to think that I have the ability to wake up about 30 minutes earlier each day to make my bed, do dishes, read my bible, etc. I’ve created the worst habit of hitting snooze about 7 times before getting up and running out the door, (haha).

  3. Continue Portion Control & Strength Training. In the last 3 weeks of March, I completed Autumn Calabrese’s “21 Day Fix” which is a beach body program that helped me to get back in shape. (Future posts about that + meal plan to come). Now that the 21 days are over, I would like to continue to still watch my portions and work out for strength training. I have felt so great and It just gets easier every time!

  4. Form a content calendar & schedule. Posting content here is one of my favorite things to do! It is a great way for me to express creativity outside of my 8-5, but I want to be consistent with it. I really want to hang up a calendar where I can visualize what I want to post, and to just make that more organized altogether. I feel like it would help me to intentionally work and grow here, rather than carelessly putting things on whenever it’s convenient.

  5. Read 3 Books. 3 books? That’s it? When you’re as busy as I am, yes. (haha) I love reading so so much, but it would benefit me more to pick up a thrilling Jodi Picoult book rather than turning on Impractical Jokers (haha). As much as I love that show and as hilarious as it is, reading would just clear my mind so much more for restful sleep. Honestly, I miss having the time to just sit down and binge read for a good hour or two. That’s not super realistic for during the week, but it’s definitely something I would like to make a point to do on the weekends.

  6. Spend more time outside. I stay cooped up in the hospital all week and i’d feel so much better coming home and sitting on the front porch since we have more daylight in the evenings now. Now that we’ve replanted a bunch of flowers in our flower bed, i’ve really enjoyed watering those for a good 20 minutes as soon as I pull in the driveway! I would really love for Nathan and I to get up on Saturdays mornings and play tennis, go bike riding, or walking around the park for a good while. I don’t get outside enough right now!

  7. Shred more stuff. Okay this one is pretty silly, but I cannot stand having mail that just keeps piling up that we can’t throw away. I have been so lazy by not sitting down and shredding stupid papers around the house that create so much clutter and stress.

  8. Use Ibotta App. I’ve recently downloaded the Ibotta app again! We used to use it all the time when we first got married and we saved a couple of dollars on our groceries every week! Of course it depends on what coupons are available, but so far I've already saved up $5. When you scan your receipts, you can get a few dollars back on some of the items, and when you reach $20 you can withdraw the amount from your account. It’s pretty neat!

Past Goals Accomplished:

  1. Complete the 21 Day Fix Program

  2. Drinking more water. (I can easily get my 64 oz in a day now, lol)

  3. Half a cup of coffee per day instead of two cups.

  4. Feeding my body with what fuels it instead of what my taste buds want. (I give credit to Autumn and her program, because now I don’t crave the foods that used to have so much control before).

Favorite Tools & Resources for Goals, Organization, & Self Care