Touches of Spring

Last weekend, Nathan and I went around town looking for some new décor for the new season coming up. I am so glad its almost Spring! It is definitely one of my favorite seasons. I love the colors, the fresh air outside, and all of the new blooms, and new things the season brings. I like to decorate my home “seasonally” and not “holiday”. What I mean by that is, i’ll find items that have the colors and textures that comply with each season, rather than buying things that have Halloween, and Easter on them. For example, Fall reminds me of a lot of Copper, Plaid, and Knit textures. Spring reminds me of whimsical elements and pastel colors. For this Spring, I replaced my Copper Jug that I had on my dining table that symbolled Fall, and found a green glass Jug, a blue + white ceramic vase, and some florals with touches of that light purple that I have in the candles I previously owned. When the sun shines straight through the green glass and the light reflects off the purple in the floral stems, it makes me so happy to look at. It makes me feel comforted by the “new” season that is about to happen. I feel like that’s what decorating our homes is all about. To me, it’s not about blowing money on disposable items that are meaningless, trendy, and “just because everyone else has it'“. Decorating is all about the emotional connection between our souls and what meets our eyes when we step into that space.

  1. Blue and White- to me this is such a fresh and bright look for Spring and Summer! It’s almost kind of coastal, while still remaining “French/Country” look. It doesn't scream “beach and seashells” so it’s easy to incorporate with other styles throughout a home. Here are some blue and white décor items:

2. Colored Glass- This definitely adds a clean look while still adding some color!

3. Spring Stems: