Our Master Bedroom Reveal


Isn’t it funny how when you take all of your Christmas decorations down, everything feels kind of empty? That’s what we have been doing for the past week, and so I've definitely been in the mood for decorating again! Nathan and I moved from a one-bath/one-bath apartment, to a three-bed/two + 1/2 bath house so I've been purchasing small decorations here and there, ever since we’ve moved in last April. I think that’s been a big mistake for us when it comes to decorating. We have been buying little accents for this room here, and this room there, instead of focusing on one room at a time, and taking that room and saying “what changes can I make” instead of “what can I buy”. In the end, all of those little pieces end up not blending in together and matching. So, I decided to start with our master bedroom. We already had matching lamps that we found for a steal at TJ Maxx, and we have stuck with the same bedroom suit that we already have because it’s in great condition. If it’s really nice and easy to decorate around, why blow money on trendy furniture that will go out of style? I’ll share below some before and after pictures, and then let you know of the THREE simple changes we made, to have the bedroom of our dreams!

  1. New Paint Color

    So the paint color on the right was called “antique white”. It’s a yellowish, off-white color and it came with the house. I hated it so much, because I've never been a warm colored person. I don’t like tan’s, yellow’s, red’s. I prefer more gray’s, blue’s, green’s, and taupe’s. We chose Behr’s “Dark Ash” and that was already a huge statement itself. It’s purposeful and it’s also calming too. Just the walls themselves totally changed the game for this space.

  2. A New, Yet Simple Bed Set

    Nathan’s parents purchased this ruffle, cream-colored comforter set for us on Wayfair! We love it so much because it’s a simple bed set that can have colors + accents changed out to go with it, and the ruffles are just too cute! I found the purple-taupe pillows at Kirkland’s for only $30 for the pair, and the quilt + sham set at Homegoods. I definitely think that pairing a quilt set with a comforter set makes for a unique touch. The textures differences between the rough quilt and the soft comforter, give the bed a lot of definition. I usually wouldn't put cream, and light grey together, but I feel like it helped tie in the grey walls along with the warmth in the purple accent pillows.


3. One Statement Piece for the Accent Wall

So I found this paining at Kirkland’s for only $40! It was so perfect for all of the new colors in the room, because it’s so neutral and muted, that I felt like it brought everything together. It’s so elegant and peaceful, and having one piece vs. seven, make a space look so much cleaner and simpler. The white’s and light grey’s in the painting really pop and stand out against the dark, moody walls. Honestly, it makes everything feel so free!

And just a side note, but super talented hubby built the headboard behind our wall! And we didn’t even attach it to the bed; it’s propped up behind the frame and it really makes everything come together.

You can shop this entire look directly, by clicking on each image! The only piece I could not find the exact item to is the painting, but this one is the same price and the same look!