3 Bible Verses to Get You Back on Your Feet


Okay so let me just get real and honest with y'all about what I've been dealing with lately. I want to share this to hopefully provide some encouragement to you if this is similar to your battle too. Lately I have felt God's presence more than ever. For the past several months, He has given me this deep yearn to discover how I can better serve my husband, and what His purpose is for my life. He's made me really dig deep and has put my "somewhat" wiser eyes back at the beginning so that I may look back and better know what it is that I'm truly seeking. I don't exactly have any clue as to what His calling is for my life, but all I know is that I have been battling a heavy conviction of what it is that I'm "chasing" everyday. Am I chasing His teaching & wisdom and maturity that only He can show me how to gain? Or am I chasing an empty void only because I'm comfortable and are too scared to step out?  I know that He is going to reveal everything to me in perfect timing, but we don't always have that mindset on the day to day basis, and when my worldly self gets the best of me, it REALLY gets the best of me. I just wanted to share with you a little bit about how He's getting me through this, because He has been here with me through every bit of it, and every time I open my bible here lately, the words I read make me feel His presence oh so deeply. I have 3 verses that I feel give us exactly what we need when things seem unbearable. Now, we all know that the Bible is FILLED with so many more verses, and truths that He shows all of us, but I just know that these are the ones I've held close to my heart lately. I don't know how heavy the battle is that you're facing right now, but I really hope these verses can point you into a place of the most peace and comfort <3


  1. A Verse for Comfort: Matthew 11:28


    "Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."


What a wonderful and comforting reminder it is knowing that God will give us the rest we need to continue. It is so nice to know that when things are so unbearable and heavy, that if we run to Him when we need that peace and that comfort, He will provide us a time of rest. We can rest assured knowing that He will take care of us in our toughest battle, and that He sees us and hears us!

  2. A Verse for Inspiration: Ephesians 4:1


     "Walk worthy of the calling to which you have been called."


 We've all been given an assignment from God, but how can we better represent Him through that assignment? Who are we in regards to what skills we have been given from God in order to achieve that assignment? This one has been the most prominent and the most convicting to me, because if I truly want God to reveal to me what it is that I should be doing for Him, I want to be someone who is worthy of carrying that responsibility.


3. A Verse for Protection: Psalm 121:3


"He will not allow your foot to slip, Your protector will not slumber."


I know that I will face both big and small challenges when pursuing God's plan, but I know that He is alert and ready to protect me through every second. I might fall short, and I will fail at times, but I believe there is always a reason. Otherwise He's got our backs!