DIY Front Door Wreath


Happy Saturday! For this weekend’s project, I’m making a new wreath for our front door! I made one about this time last year and some of the flowers are starting to pop off, Lol. So I wanted to share with you how I made this one, and it’s by no means the “right” way to make a wreath, (actually I probably didn’t do it exactly how I was supposed to) but this is just what worked for me! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I hope you can make your own at home with the florals and elements that you love!

What you will need:

  1. 1 Branch Wreath of the size of your choice

  2. 1 Garland of pretty greenery

  3. A Few Sprigs of Greenery Stems

  4. Natural Elements ( I chose to use Hay. You can use Baby’s Breath, Eucalyptus, Cotton, etc. Hobby Lobby sells some!)

  5. Pretty Flowers for Pop of Color

  6. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

  7. Scissors that can cut stems

1. So to start, you want to wrap the garland of greenery around the branch wreath because this will be your base/fill. I used my hot glue gun to secure several spots along the wreath to the garland. At this point you can also adjust the leaves and glue those in a fixed place, or let them hang freely.

2. Next, I used my greenery stems to fill in any bare spots that the garland did not cover. This makes the wreath look full, and pretty. Instead of using the entire stem in one spot, I tore it into several sprigs to spread out across the wreath.

3. I then used the hay to attach to the outsides to give it kind of a ‘pin wheel’ look. I made sure to work in the same the direction that all of the greenery was flowing. You want to work the whole wreath in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, or else it might turn out kind of jumbled. The hay was probably the most difficult part because it’s so fragile, but I just used some hot glue to attach it to some of the skinnier branches in the wreath


4. Lastly, I added a pop of color by cutting off the flowers from the stems that they came with, and I hot glued them to the wreath in a random design. I used pink, blue, and tan flowers, which I thought would help add some elegance to the naturals and greenery.


5. If you want to add your family’s initial that is very easy! Hobby Lobby sells wooden initials that you can get for super cheap. This is actually the same wooden letter that I used from last year’s wreath that I painted a bronze color. I bought a wreath hanger and simply tied a piece of silky ribbon to the hanger and the letter!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how I made our own wreath for our front door! It was a super fun and easy project, and it’s way better to make your own than to buy one! You all know that I have to have a project to do every weekend, Lol. Let me know what projects you’re doing this weekend!