Weekend Home Decor Finds at Michael's

August 27, 2018


Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Nathan and I had a super productive weekend. On Friday night he covered high school football, and I stayed home to do some cleaning. That's my favorite time to do the cleaning, so that everything is nice & organized for the weekend ahead. We got up Saturday morning to go to Michael's & Hobby Lobby to pick up some watercolors and things like that. When we got to Michael's, we saw they were having a BOGO for all of their Fall Décor. Well, I'm not huge on seasonal décor (mainly because I can't afford it, lol) but we realized that their farmhouse décor was included in that sale. You should have seen the way Nathan and I looked at each other with excitement. Well, I've always wanted to decorate my laundry because I've seen where people have just totally decked it out from top to bottom with beautiful colors and organization, that it makes me just want to do their laundry. You wouldn't think that a laundry room is a space that you would want to spruce up, but it seems like it would be inspiring. So I don't have a TON of décor, but this sign and basket is definitely a start. We were able to get another sign that says "groceries" for free, and we also picked up a "cream & sugar" sign. You can see here that we've hung them above the entrance to where the pantry is and eventually the laundry room. 


So that's all for today! I just wanted to show you what we found and to share the awesome deal Michael's was having this weekend. Hoping you enjoyed this!